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Kapitel 12 - Winter turns to Spring and our hearts turn with it

The last trembling days of winter Liv and Ulv celebrated down at the winter festival. Ulv was trying to find something charming and intelligent to say to kiley. But everytime he was close to her he felt dumbstruck and could hardly form a sentence. But she did not seem to mind, instead she giggled coyly and blushed when he took her hands.
Liv ran into a freind from school. Cynthia Oss. They spent some time talking about the snow, the cold and basicly all and everything. The conversation floated so smoothly that Liv totally lost track of time. Before Cynthia had to go home she told her:
-You know what? I do not care if it take a millenia  for me to get the savings together. Someday I will leave this dump and  nasty weather and move to the warm paradise! Want to come?
-Well...uh.. yes of course.  But....
-Good! Then it is settled! You and I towards the sunset!
On her way home she ran into Alberto. During the afternoon together with Cynthia she had totally forgot all about him - which felt kind of strange. Who would not like to be at the center of attention of the towns most attractive teenage boy?
-Hey, Liv - me and a bunch of other kids are going downtown later tonight he asked. Want to come?
-Is Darcy coming too? .
-Well, uuhm, yes as a matter of fact she is. But I rather be with you...
Darcy was the girlfreind of Alberto since forever Everyone kind of expected them to marry after high school. Liv sighed. She really did not want to do the same mistake as her mother had done.
-I dont feel like it tonight Alberto. I think I stay in instead.
-Your loss baby!
-Guess so...
Home at the greenhouse the twins enjoyed themselves as well with a thurough snowballs fight. It was hard to tell who was the winner because they were both so syncronices that they could syncronise each others move every single time.

But even fun things need to end some time and  when they stood in the garden: Snowy, happy and warm Viola suddenly turned serious.
-You ever wished  to be something else?
-Something else? What do you mean?
-Well, you know - to be normal Viola told Flora.
-This IS normal. It is the other ones who are unnormal. Freaks even! Flora made a funny face.
-Look at me! Wuaaa! I am a paleface!
Viola laughed. She knew she could always count on her siter to cheer her up. But still, the seed of being normal was sown. What if...

Liv on the other hand was having more shallow problems to deal with. She was stanind in front of her mirrow looking at herself, studying every inch of herself, silently humming for herself. Suddenly she stopped everything she was doing looking at the image of herself. Had she really been standing there wondering what Cynthia would think of her? What she might think of her? But, she was a girl?!?!

The soothing sound of her playing the violin usually helped her calm and clear her mind. But not this time. Conflicting emotions are raging through her mind. She remembers the smile Cynthia's face, the intensity in her eyes when she talked about her dream about the paradise and how much Liv wanted to touch her cheek and tell her that everything would be OK. How she wanted to kiss those soft lips. And hold her tight to her body. But how could that be? She was a girl? Aren't girls supposed to be into boys? But she never felt anything like that with Alberto. Nothing come even close... What on earth was this?
She had almost jumped out of her skin when the phone had rung the other night. Especially when she had heard Cynthia's warm voice on the other end.
-Hiya Liv! How are you? Me and some other kids are going down to the festival trying to score some dancing moves. Want to come? Her brain wanted to scream "NO"! But before she knew she had said:
-Yes! I would love to!

When she arrived to the dance arena it was only Cynthia there.
-Thought you said there were gonna be a group Liv said carefully.
-I lied she said and blinked. I wanted to be alone with you and I knew that if I told you, you would most likely bolt.
Liv did not say anything. How could she? It was true after all. If she had asked her out she would have said no. But here she was now and the only thing she wanted was to look into this lovely brown eyes for an eternity.
With a smile Cynthia dragged Liv up on the dance floor and into her arms. Liv did not know what to say. Thousands of emotion rode her body right now. But she realised suddenly that the bad ones were not as prevalent as the good ones and she relaxed.
-See, Cynthia said. This was not so bad was it?
Liv can not help but to nod and enjoy the movement to the music.

It is getting late, way after curfew  really and Liv does know that she really should be going home and do her homework. But alas, Cyntias lips just tastes so sweet and she totally lose track of time.

- - - - - - - - -
OK, my Sims are living their own lives quite frankly..... Which complicates things when it comes to writing. But, but it is what makes this so much fun to write!

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  1. I know it's both fun and frustrating sometimes when Sims choose their own path. But I m happy for Liv that she's found Cynthia. =D

  2. ^What she said :p

    My entire story would be different if my sims didn't write it for me. We all know about that, don't worry ;) Half the fun is writing in what the sims decide they want to happen!

    I love how you wrote Liv's confusion in this. I've never been in that situation, but I'd imagine that's what it's like!